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Busting Excuses!

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

When we get nervous, we make excuses. We make excuses not to love ourselves or take care of ourselves. Sometimes life is just crazy busy, we're too swamped with work, or always have to drive someone somewhere. Sometimes it's more important to spend time with our significant other. We also play the "I need to lose 10lbs first!" card and "It's just not in the budget right now". There will always be an excuse for everything. Stepping out of our comfort zone is not easy but self-care is essential. Let me show you that no matter what excuse you have locked and loaded that you are worthy of self love.

"I don't have enough time for myself"

You know how they have you put the oxygen mask on yourself first before assisting other's on a plane? Same goes for taking care of yourself. You can't fully take care of anyone else when your cup is always near empty. Don't get me wrong, I've poured so much of me out to others at times that I wasn't sure I would ever refill. Sometimes we just need to slow down and catch our breath.

At your boudoir session you are able to breathe and love yourself for a few hours without interruption. Free from the chaos of work or other's demanding every single second of your attention. We spend the entire time focusing on YOU. Pampering YOU. Making the day about YOU.

You need to take time for yourself so why not spend it having an AMAZING by treating yourself to a YOU day?

"I'm not where I want to be weight wise. I won't look that as good as the women on your page."

Did you know that the body type portrayed in advertising as the "ideal body" is only possessed naturally by 5% of American females? ONLY FIVE FREAKING PERCENT!

I'm sorry but your weight doesn't have anything to do with your worth. Your self worth begins and ends with YOU. The numbers on a scale or the size of your pants does not determine your worth. Period.

The human body is incredible. No two are exactly the same. So why do we compare ourselves with what we see on TV or in the magazine? Your curves are beautiful. Big or small, your body is magical. Hating yourself won't make you love yourself any faster. When you learn to appreciate and see yourself from a different perspective, incredible things can happen.

"I don't know to feel sexy so I definitely don't think I would look sexy during a boudoir shoot."

Boudoir is for all bodies – all shapes – all ages (18+) - and all sizes. One of my goals is to bust open the stereotype that you have to be a size 2 to wear sexy lingerie and be documented as the MF goddess that you are. This stereotype simply not true; I've proven it, time and time again. So kick this lie out of your mind, babe.

You do not have to feel confident and badass to book a session. If you do, that’s freaking great! Go on with your bad self, let’s document it! But, if you don’t feel confident, if you’re insecure, if you’re struggling with self-love ; then boudoir is right where you need to be. You leave with the confidence and knowing that you’re worthy, you don’t have to arrive with it.

Whether you feel sexy in an off the shoulder sweater or some leather and lace, we will make sure your personality shines through. We have a huge client wardrobe and will find you something that will have you feeling comfortable AND confident!

"A boudoir shoot is an investment and I don't have all of the money right now."

Spending money on ourselves is something that we all struggle with. Whether you are a parent, have student loans, car payments... the list is endless. I know that feeling well, I am right there with you. Literally every single person who has contacted me has the same fears and struggles when it comes to investing in themselves. But that is exactly what it is. An investment in YOURSELF.

In order to book your session there is a booking retainer. After that, we set up an interest free in-house payment plan. No credit checks. All you need is a debit or credit card and it's that easy. Booking your own session doesn't have to be scary. I'll walk you through every step of the way.


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