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 Are you ready to experience the life changing magic of Boudoir?


Let's start with WHAT exactly boudoir (pronounced boo-dwar) means. Technically, it's a woman's dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room. In reality, it's SO MUCH MORE! It's a spiritual awakening, an empowering shift, a confidence builder, a reconnection with your lost self, and an appreciation of all that your body does for you, just to name a few.  It's not just sexy pictures for your significant other. While it does make for an excellent gift for someone else, it is really the best gift you could give yourself. Self love is not selfish. 


"Seeing these pictures made me see that I'm gorgeous..."

My biggest takeaway from the shoot is being comfortable in my own skin. I was raised that skinny = beautiful and I’ve been lucky to be thin most of my life. After 2 babies and eating all the things in quarantine, I’ve been trying so hard to loose the weight - diets, exercising, fad diet trends. Seeing these pictures made me see that I’m gorgeous just the way I am, right here, right now. I’m comfortable with how I look and honestly, I think this is the first time in my life I can say that.

Friends, book that shoot. You will not be sorry.

- Miss N

tall boudoir photography

""Boudoir is what I needed in my life when I didn't even know it!"

My pictures not only took my breath away, but it took my husband's breath away too! I have not seen him look at me like that in years! We have been together 10 years and this one hour therapy boudoir picture session for myself with the wonderful Amanda has reignited a flame in me. Sorry for getting all into my emotions, but these pictures have begun to turn my life around for the better. I am healing through many ways right now, but boudoir is what I needed in my life when I didn't even know it! Thank you Amanda and all the beautiful amazing badass women in my tribe! 

- Miss T

curvy girl boudoir tattoo

"I had so much fun!"

This photoshoot was different than anything I had done before. 

Amanda takes, REAL photos and I mean she showed the me that I really am. Not the me that wears pajamas all day, while I love to do that, there was a sexy woman inside just waiting to come out! I saw that woman just being in the environment Amanda puts together for all of us, in person and online. It was a wonderful opportunity and I had so much fun! I was so scared that my body would look/be awkward in any or all photos, but the entire time I looked at those photos with Amanda it was just SO HARD TO PICK the ones to keep!


Ready to learn more about why a boudoir session may be exactly what you didn't know you needed?

IMG_1659 2.JPG


Hi! My name is Amanda. I'm the proud weirdo behind the lens who is going to make you feel like a ROCK STAR at my private Boudoir Photography Studio located in Dayton, Ohio! Oh, and by the way, YOU look incredible right now. YES, exactly at this very second. You are enough and you're doing great.

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