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Why I shoot Boudoir Photography

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Why Boudoir Photography?

I do not do boudoir for your significant other. I don't do boudoir because I enjoy taking pretty pictures. I do boudoir because of warriors like this woman right here. I am never going to be the photographer that just takes your photo. I am never going to be the cheap photographer. I am proud of the experience that I have created, I have seen it change people lives.

I do boudoir because I want to help women know that they are so much more than the trials that life has thrown at them. I want to show women that their mirrors are never going to show them who they are. I do this because you need to know that your body is magical. Every bump, every scar, every dip is beautiful because it is part of you. It has brought you this far in life, it has carried you through your worst moments and survived. You are a damn warrior babe and I want n othing more than to make sure you know that when you leave me.

The Transformation

The transformation that takes place in my studio is the best part of the entire experience for me. Most of my clients walk in a bundle of nerves anxiously awaiting the moment they have to get in front of my camera. We always start with hair and makeup first which gives us time to get to know each other. They slowly peel back the layers and allow me to see them just a little before we begin taking portraits.

I absolutely LOVE sharing little sneak peeks of behind the camera while we're shooting and seeing their face light up when a smile ear to ear saying "That's not me, how does my butt look so good?" Instantly gets us even more hyped and I'm here for it!

Once I show them their images after the shoot, their jaws drop. That flame that we rekindled burns BRIGHT and HOT. Seeing that sparkle in their eye as they scroll through their images tugs at every single heart string. They transform into a more confident version of themself that they carry with them for years to come. It's magical to witness.

A Little Piece of My Story

I didn't quite grasp the gravity of what I was accomplishing for women until the Summer of 2021. I begin getting blood test after blood test to figure out what was going on with my sudden weight gain and drastic drop of energy. I've always been on the border of anemic but this was different. I was not feeling or thinking like myself. Unexplained pains in my entire body. I gained 10 pounds in a month. Then another 20 pounds over the next few months. Thirty pounds in six months with no explanation in sight.

While I could have hidden myself from the public eye out of shame or embarrassment, I didn't. I booked a shoot of my own regardless of not feeling like myself to celebrate my body's new form. Immediately AFTER my own personal session, I booked ANOTHER one for six months later. YUP! All that self love stuff I preach was actually helping me with my own demons. I may not be back to feeling 100% back to normal yet but I refuse to let it hold me back. I deserve to feel beautiful in my new body no matter what the number on the scale says.

Photo Credit - Princess Photography

YES, that's me at my last boudoir shoot!

Realizing that it didn't matter what size I was to feel like a badass was a game changer. Not to mention, who doesn't love buying new clothes?? I love my newly acquired curves and dimples. FUPA, yup! I got one and I'm not sorry. I will rock the shit out of a crop top and daisy dukes with all my glorious cellulite.

If you want more for yourself, if you want to end the battle with your body, if you want to quiet that critic in your mind once and for all then please gather all the courage you can and jump on this train babe. This experience is SO much more than pretty photos. The confidence and self-love you gain when you walk away from me is priceless. I promise I'll give you everything I have if that's what it takes to help you re-learn to love yourself and know your worth.


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