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Session Tips

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Tips for preparing for your Boudoir Photoshoot!

beautiful black woman boudoir portrait

How should I prepare? My best advice to you, is to STRETCH, hydrate, and moisturize. Boudoir Sessions are equivalent to yoga class. The more bendy you are, the easier this will be. Drinking lots of water helps make you more flexible too, and it's going to reduce bloating and clear up your skin.


What to wear?

It's important that you're comfortable because it will show if you aren't. I recommend form fitting pieces. Please stay away fom flowy babydolls. While they may be comfy, they are NOT flattering on camera for anyone.

You can never go wrong with a sexy bodysuit or teddy. I do have a client closet available but I do suggest you still bring a few of your own pieces that you love. Please bring a nude and black thong for an extra added layer to wear under my garments from the client closet. Also, you will want to bring a well fitting bra and pantie set that really makes the girls shine!

Don't forget the little things: your fav sweater, jacket, stockings, boots, or hat. ANYTHING that makes you feel fucking unstoppable when you put it on.

If you're doing this for someone special, don't forget to bring something that is theirs or something they bought for you. Jerseys, dress shirts, jewelry, or their favorite sweater are all excellent options.

If you have time before your shoot, please remove the tags from your outfits. This includes price tags AND the size labels on your lingerie. VS is infamous for sporting a 6 inch label that cannot be hidden unless you lay on your back. If you can see it, the camera will DEFINITELY see it.


Hair & Makeup

If you are wanting the full Glamazon experience, I highly recommend getting our complimentary hair and makeup done before your boudoir shoot. I want you to feel pampered and relaxed before your big shoot. YOU DESERVE THIS!

Whether you choose to go full GLAM or soft and natural, it's important to feel comfortable. I will ALWAYS suggest lashes because they make your eyes pop and add that sexy oomph every single time.The best part of getting your makeup done at the studio is the inevitable lip touch up. Everything will be on hand so you won't have to worry about anything.

I LOVE big curls. Whether you go straight or curled, I do recommend keeping your hair down because we will be tousling throughout your session.

Avoid trying a new haircut, color, or style before your session. Mistakes can happen however, these mistakes cannot be fixed in post production.


Manicure & Pedicure

If you want your nails done, book your appointment a few days prior to your session. Stay clear of neons and bright colors as they will stick out like a sore thumb (pun intended). French manicure is classic and always in style.

Naked nails are beautiful as well. Just make sure they are shaped and filed. Avoid chipped nail polish and jagged nails.


Body Hair

Laser Hair Removal: Book 2-3 weeks before your session to allow for the shedding process post laser. This will ensure you have sexy smooth skin right in time for your shoot.

Brazilian wax, bikini, or underarm wax should be done 5-7 days before your session. Skin irritation, redness, and soreness can take a few days to calm down after a wax.

OR ALL NATURAL! Hair is natural there is absolutely NO SHAME is sporting a less manicured style.

Eyebrow wax should be done about a week before your session. Please do not pluck or wax the night before. Your eyebrows are a HUGE focal point of your face and we do not want them red and irritated.




While I ABSOLUTELY love tattoos and piercings, it is not ideal to get either right before your session.

Do not introduce new products to your skincare routing for at least 2 weeks before your session. The last thing you need is an allergic reaction or popup blemish.

Repeat after me. NO SPRAY TAN OR SELF TAN. While they may look AWESOME in real life, they will make you look like an Oompa Loompa on camera.


Check List

The days leading up to your session:

  1. Pack your bag – double and triple check you have everything you want packed.

  2. Keep hydrated and moisturized. This includes lip balm. Dry skin and chapped lips are easily avoidable. Drink lots of water for a healthy glow on the day of your session.

  3. Clean your jewelry! Many women have daily wear jewelry they will wear for their session. Give them a clean before your session so they’re nice and sparkling for the camera.

  4. Stretch. This may seem silly, but when was the last time you stretched? Boudoir is a lot more physical than you think. There are a lot of positions that do require some flexibility. Stretch once or twice a day leading up to your session to avoid any sore muscles after your shoot.

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