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Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Hear straight from Deanna herself after she just completed her second session nearly a year apart.

Personal growth is hard.

Little bit about me, I am 30yrs old and I have had 4 kids in the last 7 years with my youngest just turning 1.

I am also sure many of you have found yourself lost in the motherhood journey

You get a break and in the silence you find yourself thinking ... Who am I if I'm not actively being a tiny humans snack bitch?

That question hits hard and with a severe lack of self confidence ... It hits even harder

I know many of the individuals in this group also suffer from body image issues and look at the photos Amanda posts like, "Wow, I wish I could do that... Be that...Feel that empowered"

I mean hell, my brother called me thunder thighs growing up and I still can't bring myself to feel comfortable in a pair of shorts Again personal growth is hard.

I was tired of hating the skin I was in, finding every imperfection and flaw.

I knew that if I was gonna ever look at myself with kindness again I needed to force a change in my perspective.

I also knew that if I was gonna trust someone else to give me that perspective I needed to be confident in their ability. My self-confidence couldn't take any more hits, it was already lower than dirt.

I read testimony after testimony from Amanda and her clients and it became clear she wouldn't be satisfied with just ok. She was gonna be damn sure YOU saw the magic she saw behind her camera. THAT is why Amanda is worth it. Sure, you CAN go elsewhere but is it worth that risk?

I chose to do my maternity boudoir shoot first with Amanda because I honestly figured if I looked awful in my pics, I could blame it on my pregnancy and never talk about it again.

Then Amanda CRUSHED it I mean I made her work her ass off cause I can't follow directions to save my life but she never gave up on me or got annoyed. She met me where I was and made it fun

When I saw my pics, it was the first time I didn't hate seeing pictures of myself, especially while pregnant.

I was blown away because the person in the pictures was clearly "me". They felt authentic while showcasing a side of me that I didn't think existed anymore, let alone a side of me that could coexist while pregnant.

Fast forward nearly a year later and I still have baby weight from all 4 crotch goblins. I haven't "bounced back" like society has levied as "the goal". So once again, I looked to Amanda to remind me. Remind me that no matter what my brain and society has levied as an expectation - I am sexy, I DO still "got it" and the least I can do for ME is to give myself credit where credit is due.

I'm still me. A snack bitch, bandaid provider, and exhausted parent with a sarcastic foul mouthed view on life but I'm also the woman in those pictures. A woman that is working on her personal demons and finally believing in herself. Thanks to Amanda - I am a woman that can say with confidence, "DAMN, I got a nice ass!"

I encourage you to let Amanda do the same for you!


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